At The Happinest, children of all ages have the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness and meditation. 

Why Mindfulness and Meditation for Children? 

  • Critical in helping regulate stress

  • Help to identify when feeling overly hyperactive, upset, distressed, or faced with difficult, unmanageable emotions

  • Offer a tangible and relevant opportunity to calm the nervous system and provide physical and mental relaxation

  • Assist with transitions and help process expectations (day’s schedule, instructions etc)

  • Strengthens focus and attention span 

  • Learn tools to fall, and stay, asleep

  • Stimulate joy and happiness

How do the children meditate? My child cannot sit still for more than a minute! 

Through art, play, cooking, craft, stillness, movement and a lot more, children will learn relevant tools and techniques to practice meditation and mindfulness. Unlike adult practices in meditation which may require extensive time working on stillness or breathwork, a child’s practice in mindful meditation is designed to engage the child quickly and is based on the experiences relating to concrete objects, such as gently relaxing and wobbling each part of the body like a jellyfish or listening very carefully to sounds. The results in stillness levels have been outstanding at The Happinest to date, with many children sitting in stillness, practicing meditations for periods of time. 


12 Week Course 

Dates: September 9th- December 1st


School Pick Up (If opted in): 2:30pm 

Studio Session Starts (opt. Drop Off): 3:30pm 

Studio Session Ends: 5pm

Extension Ends: 5:30pm 

School Walking Pick Up Schedule (Open to more schools, please enquire via email):

Ages 3-7yrs 

Monday: WNNS & PS84 & Success Academy 

Tuesday: Williamsburg TreeHouse, Northside School (both campuses)

Wednesday: PS132, King’s Bay & Arbor 

Ages 8-12 

Thursday: Schools TBD

Ages TBD

Friday: TBD (Possible Drop Off Movie Nights 5:30pm)

Course Cost: 

$360: $30p/d (Drop Off Studio 3:30-5pm) 1.5 Hours

$540: $45p/d (Drop Off Studio + Extension 3:30-5:30) 2 Hours

$660: $55p/d (School Pick up 2:30-5pm) 2.5 Hours 

$780: $65p/d (School Pick up & Extension 2:30-5:30pm) 3 Hours

Sibling Discount: 20%

Second Day a Week: 20% off second day enrollment cost

Early Bird Enrollment: 10% (By July 31st)

Example Activities include: 

Noodles: Using the sensation of noodles to relax each part of the body

Balloons: Acknowledging and releasing worries through balloons

Tree Grounding: Grounding ourselves through tree root visualizations 

Internal Weather Reports - Understanding that emotions change and come and go like the weather through creating a painting of our internal weather report

Mindful Coloring in - Focusing on coloring in detailed drawings 

Emotion Jars: Using colored counters to represent interchanging emotions

Warm and Fuzzies- Drawing/Writing caring and compassionate notes to increase happiness 

Team Yoga Games 

and much more