Mindfulness Box For Minis

Mindfulness Box For Minis


‘Mindfulness Box for minis' is a box set to promote the practice of mindfulness in your childrens’ everyday lives. This resource is designed for parents, guardians and teachers to understand, embody and promote mindfulness and meditation practice with your children on a daily basis.

This box contains: 
An information Booklet (including a summary of the 7 Mindfulness Attitudes)
20 Meditation Scripts
10 Mindfulness Activities
10 Yoga Activities

Working through practices like the ones in this box has enabled me, and my students, to approach each day with an open mind and an optimistic outlook, and I am so excited to share this experience with you and your children. 

Ages: 4+

It is with the integration of this mindfulness resource box that you are providing your children with the practice to become more present, articulate, confident and less reactive.

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