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Summer Camp

The Happinest Summer Camp runs week by week, and offers a chance for children to explore mindfulness through art, play, cooking, craft, stillness, movement and a lot more. Our sessions move through different activities, including mindful walks and heading out on local excursions.

Through engaging, and tangible activities, children will develop tools to observe and express their emotions, calm the nervous system and to stimulate joy and happiness.

Limited Spots Available

Sign Ups:

Week to Week (All Summer) 6/10-8/12

10:30am- 1:30pm

Ages 3-7 yrs


All 5 days: $250

Any 4 days: $200

Any 3 days: $150

Note: Additional costs may apply for additional enrollment activities i.e Entry fees

Summer Camp Extensions

We are also offering Summer Camp Extension, each week of Summer Camp 6/17-8/12, which involve excursions to local museums, parks, zoos and more.

Time: 1:30-2:30/3:30

Cost: $18-$50

Mondays: None

Tuesdays: Extension Excursion- Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Wednesdays: Extension Excursion- Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Thursdays: Extension Excursion- Prospect Park Zoo

Mindful Music with Violin, small group, drop-off (6/26, 6/27, 7/10, 7/11) at 1:45-2:30

Make a Play-Date with Music!

MUSIC IS MAGIC for ages 3 and up.
Children will learn violin by a holistic approach through:
Singing/ match pitch games (listen carefully)
Storytelling (recognizing common words and sounds)
Movement Activities (repetition in the body)
Rhythmic Work (fast/ slow)
Music theory/ note reading/ symbols (up/ down)
Ear Training (high/ low)
“Mother Tongue”/ Suzuki technique/ repeated listening/ traditional method
Improvisation. Extension Incursion- Mindful Music Class

Fridays: None